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NF CALIFIA 1: Sensuous Magic: A Guide to S/M for Adventurous Couples

Authors | Califia, Patrick

Publishing Info | Cleis Press Inc. | San Francisco | 2001

ISBN, DDC | 1-57344-130-9 | 306.77'5


Fiction Category Non-fiction, general

Volume 1 of 1

Series Title

Volume Types | BDSM introduction or overview | glossary | sexual scenarios (play scenes)

Description This is the second edition, which is "revised, expanded, and updated" from the first edition which was published in 1993 by Masquerade Press. In this second edition, Califia adds play scenarios with gay, bisexual, and transgendered characters as well as a chapter on edge play. My guess is that the first edition was the first general comprehensive introduction to "modern" pansexual BDSM (albeit the term BDSM had not yet been coined). It predates "Screw the Roses"; earlier works pandered to gay men. Califia smoothly covers the basics -- tops and bottoms, bondage, pain as pleasure, role-playing, safety, communication and negotiation, fisting, contracts -- intersprinkling the discourse with erotic vignettes. Additionally, the book includes a comprehensive glossary and an extensive list of resources.

Keywords | BDSM | bondage | sexual techniques | alternative sexuality | corporal punishment

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