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NF WARREN 2: Loving Dominant, The

Authors | Warren, John | Warren, Libby

Publishing Info | Greenery Press | Oakland, CA | 2008

ISBN, DDC | 978-1-890159-72-6


Fiction Category Non-fiction, general

Volume 1 of 1

Series Title

Volume Types | BDSM introduction or overview | glossary

Description This is the "new and improved" third edition of yet another BDSM overview/tutorial meant to introduce the scene to newcomers or fill in the gaps for those who have been around for awhile. It does a good job, plus hits upon a few topics--such as photographing a scene and catheterization--not found in most overviews. It's full of good information and is therefore recommended reading.

Keywords | BDSM | bondage | electrical play | flogging | needle play | spanking | wax play | dildos

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