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NFG TOWNSEND 1: Leatherman's Handbook II, The

Authors | Townsend, Larry

Publishing Info | Carlyle Communications | New York | 1995

ISBN, DDC | 0-503-09999-6


Fiction Category Non-fiction, gay

Volume 1 of 1

Series Title

Volume Types | BDSM introduction or overview | sexual scenarios (play scenes)

Description A review of the gay SM scene in the early-to-mid 80s, updated from the original Leatherman's Handbook from a decade earlier. Includes descriptions and vignettes of various fetishes, from leather (duh!) to fisting to piercing. The book to read if you want to know what a Prince Albert is. Lots of drug use. Shows its age with its suggestion to use a tape rather than a record to play music during a scene.

Keywords | sexual techniques | BDSM | homosexuality, male | alternative sexuality | sexual drug use | sexually transmitted diseases

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