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SF NORMAN 1: Priest-Kings of Gor

Authors | Norman, John

Publishing Info | Masquerade Books | New York | 1968

ISBN, DDC | 1-56333-488-7


Fiction Category Science fiction or fantasy

Volume 3 of 25

Series Title Gor

Volume Types | series

Description Tarl Cabot ventures into the Sardar mountains to seek his vengeance on the mighty, never-seen Priest Kings who rule the planet Gor -- only to find, once again, that things are not what they seem. While two factions of Priest-Kings battle for power, Cabot finds himself in a power exchange relationship with yet another beautiful woman, the proud Vika of Treve. Who will find himself or herself chained as a slave at the foot of the bed -- Vika or Cabot? This is the most science-fiction-oriented book in the series thus far.


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