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SF NORMAN 3: Outlaw of Gor

Authors | Norman, John

Publishing Info | Masquerade Books | New York | 1967

ISBN, DDC | 1-56333-487-9


Fiction Category Science fiction or fantasy

Volume 2 of 25

Series Title Gor

Volume Types | series

Description Tarl Cabot returns to the planet Gor, finding that he is no longer a revered hero but a scorned outlaw. He makes his way to the city of Tharna, known for its hospitality towards strangers, only to find that things are not what they seem. Shackled in the dungeon, whipped before the golden-masked Tatrix, he is sentenced to participate in the Amusements of Tharna. Will Tarl submit to the powerful Tatrix, or will he turn the tables and make her submit to him?


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