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SF NORMAN 4: Nomads of Gor

Authors | Norman, John

Publishing Info | Universal-Tandem Publishing | London | 1969

ISBN, DDC | 426-14488-0


Fiction Category Science fiction or fantasy

Volume 4 of 25

Series Title Gor

Volume Types | series

Description Tarl Cabot, renowned warrior of Ko-ro-ba, sets out on a mission to the Plains of Turia to seek out the nomadic Wagon People of Gor, who two years previously had been brought an egg of the Priest-Kings for safekeeping. Now that egg is the only one of its kind remaining, and its safe return to the Priest-Kings is what stands between all of Gor and its utter ruin. Will Tarl Cabot be able to rescue the egg before his enemies find it and destroy it? Who cares? You want to read about Elizabeth Cardwell, the innocent New York secretary; Aphris, the wealthiest woman of Turia; and Hereena, the tongue-lashing Tuchuk warrior -- all of them beautiful, all of them learning what it means to be a Gorean slave! For on Gor, "only the woman who has been an utter slave can be truly free."


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